A bloody great hole in my foot!

So just after I had sent my waders for a full hole repair job to Diver Dave I then spent a few nervous trips thinking I had a leak – turned out it was just the cold and not creeping water in my nether regions.

Anyway, last time I was out I noticed a distinct squelch from my right foot – I mean it was really full of water – this was not a slow creeping leak it was a real pouring leak! Every time I took a step the water would really be sucked into my boot a bit like a pump – this was no pin prick I said to myself.

Turned out it was a fair sized hole in the neoprene sock. I decided there and then to drive to the Glargow Angling Centre for some Aquasure – once the sock was dry copious amounts of sticky stuff was applied and job done!

Hole in Sock

Hopefully it will not be acting like a water foot pump next trip out!

By the way if this ever happens to you ensure you check your boots for anything that is possibly causing damage to your sock – I mind once the exact same thing happened and it turned out nails were coming through the bottom of my boots.

Here is a picture of my old boots – now binned.

The Root Cause

Those studs eventually wore through from the sole and dug into the neoprene sock at the heel.

Anyway, I checked my boots and could not find anything wrong – I mean it was a pretty big hole, all I can think of is that it was a rogue stone or something.



  1. Stuart B · April 24, 2011

    A good reason to make sure the Gravel Guards are properly fitted..!!

  2. Alistair · April 24, 2011

    Hi Stuart – Thing is I have built in gravel guards – they are always securely fixed in place – I wince when I see folk standing on stones in just the socks as that is enough to bugger them right up.
    I suppose it is just one of those things!

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