£500,000 project to restore historic fountain in the park

I think this is great :

More than £500,000 will be spent restoring the Stewart Memorial Fountain in Kelvingrove Park.

An underground water recycling system will be installed which will allow the fountain to operate in a sustainable way for the first time in its long history.

Until now the fountain has been fed from the mains supply, and drained into the River Kelvin. The Stewart Memorial Fountain was built in 1872 to commemorate Robert Stewart, the Lord Provost of Glasgow from 1851 until 1854.

He secured a supply of clean drinking water for the city from Loch Katrine.

Robert Stewart ensured that when the cholera epidemic of 1866 swept the country only 55 people in Glasgow died – in 1832-3, 1849-50 and 1853-4 12000 people died due to a lack of clean water.

The fountain is topped by the Lady of the Lake and for far too many years has been an eyesore due to it being boarded up and out of action.


For £500,000 Glasgow City Council would probably give it a lick of paint!

Link: The Herald

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  1. Stuart B · May 5, 2009

    Fair enough .They did up the Doulton in Glasgow Green so good news that this one is getting the Kim and Aggie Sooper Dooper Plus treatment too.

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