Double Trouble Tubetastic

I was allowed out of work an hour early so managed to get to the loch before Alex who was stuck doing some grueling task imposed no doubt by people who do not understand the needs of an angler.

I blew up the bladders in the tube for its maiden voyage of the year and […]

Brief Rod Waving

I had a blank at the LRF while on a short session on the way home from work – I stopped off at a popular spot with divers a couple of hours before high tide and was glad to have it to myself. I found that sea weed was being blown into my shore which […]


I managed a quick session down at the breakwater – I met a chap (Glen) who fishes with the legendary Frenchman Nicholas from the Glasgow Angling Centre and we exchanged some info.

A chap walked past me and headed to the furthest away point after Mackerel while I hung about at the rocks.

Micro trout and midge madness

Two trips, one to a local burn with work buddy to catch micro trout and one to Highland river to be destroyed by the midge.

Work buddy

We fished a few pools as their was a nice amount of water in wee burn. We fished fish about and we had a lot of […]