Grab it when you can – in other words missed opportunities turn out all right in the end.

Last night I had a chance to go after trout on the Kelvin however totally blew it. I had just helped my wife from the Dentist (afterwards she had fainted) when I realised I suddenly found myself with a couple of hours spare and my old stomping grounds of the Kelvin with no doubt plenty […]

What is this?

I was fishing using a wee jig off a breakwater when I again caught a fish – this one was even bigger than the other one. I had cast out and twitched it back , the fish had slammed into it and put a fair old bend in my rod.

I sent the picture to […]

First steps with LRF

So to be honest my first steps withLRF (2 Piece) – Black, 6.9 ft has been pretty shit. I bought the gear at the tale end of last Autumn and then it rained for ages. When I did manage to get out I was just having no luck whatsoever.

You see the thing is most […]

New net finally christened.

It has been slow on my fishing front due to the imminent arrival of my third son as I could not travel very far and now of course he has arrived which causes additional fishing difficulties. If you are a pal on Facebook you will have seen the photos.

However, the planets aligned and today […]