Commonwealth Games Flotilla

About 250 boats, including small ships, yachts and clippers sail up the River Clyde as part of the city’s Commonwealth Games celebrations. I headed down to Bowling on Saturday to catch them before they went under the Erskine Bridge. I was most impressed with the sight – boats hooting, pipers on the decks and people […]

Friday Photo – fluttering and buzzing



Bad Bandies at Ba

If you live in the central belt of Scotland I am pretty sure you have heard the stories about loch Ba! The first that it is stuffed full of bandies that fight like a trout double their size and also that the place is littered with empty crisp packets and buckfast bottles. Any time you […]

The ending comes first for a reason..

Their was a figure sitting beside the river however because of the gloom I could not quite make them out. It was a pat of this river that I had never fished before however I knew it was popular with walkers so reckoned it was someone having a rest. I said hello however the figure […]

Fly Fishing Masters UK – Italian Casting Style

A full day pass was acquired and I set off on the two hour drive up the M74 to the Annan to meet my old fishing buddy Emanuele for some education around Italian casting techniques. The one thing I had to remember was to leave both car seats for my wife so that it would […]

The Kelvin remains the best..

I have a couple of bugbears when meeting and talking to other anglers (not the two chaps I met this evening) but other guys who shall remain nameless. One of my bugbears is some guys ability to tell the size of a trout by the way it rises. Oh sure, I am quite aware that […]

Italian Style Casting

Long time sufferers readers will remember my first proper fishing buddy Emanuele who I used to fish the Clyde with around 10 years ago. He buggered off to Hull and has been casting his micro drys on chalk streams to willing huge trout unlike our belligerent Scottish trout.

He has emailed me a few times […]

Right Place, Wrong Time

The dry run ceased with an evening session on a highland river. It almost did not as when I arrived it was very low and barren looking. The day was hot and I had been day dreaming about finding a nice long deep pool where trout would be rising at dusk however after an initial […]