Dry Spell Continues!

So my dry spell continues despite a serious attack at the Pike yesterday.

A wee lochan which has been on my radar for quite some time was finally accessed using the tubes. The lochan could not look any more Pikey – it was entirely reed and lilly pad lined. In fact getting into the loch […]


I appear to have missed out posting some outings over the last few weeks however to be honest there has not been much to write home about.

Usually time off work means extra fishing however after my family holiday to Holland I just never got around to heading out after trout. Well, that is not […]

At least someone might get some fishing…

I was heading out for an evening session and then turned back due to the road being closed. I am at home now as quite frankly it was the last sign I needed that I should just stay home. I had asked everyone I knew today if they fancied joining me however between football and […]