Sea Fishing Gear

We have only a few days left until the trout season starts again and I have been slowly getting all my trout gear out and organised. Over the years I appear to have collected a few duplicates and alternatives of pretty much everything however a pal asked me if I fancied a spot of Sea […]

Scottish Vulture?

Again, presented without comment!

Summer Night!


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5 reasons why you should go on a work party

1. You will meet fishers and make new friends. 2. You will see new stretches of water you would not otherwise see. 3. You will find out about easy access to the river. 4. You will get cookies. 6. Ultimately you will understand what it takes to improve habitat and fishing so you will gain […]

A weekend of fishing and children related activities!

Sadly due to the fact my four year old knew there was a soft play around the corner I did not get much of a chance to really enjoy the experience of the Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend.

My idea of fun and his are two totally different things. Paul Young […]

River Thoughts…

I had a damned busy time at work on Friday, dashing from one meeting to another with barely enough time to even have a think about a fish. However, half way through the day it happened, I found myself with a sudden spare 5 mins as I was driving past my wee gem of a […]