Winter solstice … over the hump!

That’s it folks – we are over the hump. From now on the days are longer and we are heading towards spring – seeing as how it feels like yesterday we were fishing for the trout with dry flies I am hoping that spring will zoom upon us equally as fast !

Grayling – sub zero.(inc Tenuous fishing photos 50/52)

Lookin' Good Stewart!

Ok – even though I have caught grayling in the past it has been totally by accident, usually when I am on the Clyde fishing for trout I pick one or two up. I have only ever been proper grayling fishing once before and conditions were poor – not only was it cold it was…

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

Fishing buddy Alex spent the night in his car – seen him on the news this morning ! # LOok – everyone else is worrying about getting to work and he is us a mountain – typical ! # Stranded Scots forced to deep fry each other #

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Christmas is coming…an idea to slash the possibility of dodgy fishing presents!

It is December and we are now well on the way to Christmas! This leaves us as anglers a problem – well meaning relatives that attempt to buy us something to do with our hobby however actually buy us something pretty crap. People that know me know I loathe a spendthrift – which is pretty…