Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

A jacket that turns into a tent? For those that do not do Glamping! #

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2 trips for trout..

You would be forgiven with thinking that I have done pretty much no fishing over the last couple of weeks – you would in fact be wrong – I have had two trips after trout – one to my small shit pipe stream and one to the Clyde.

The Shit Pipe Stream was weird – […]

Tenuous fishing photos 33/52

Sometimes when I am at work I actually am allowed a break … I leave the office, cross the road and am then on the banks of the river leven … it flows out of Loch Lomond. Sometime I get to watch guys fishing – only ever one with the fly though … it is […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

I have no fishing buddy for tonight .. anyone up for it? #

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Tenuous Fishing Photos 30,31,32/52

I have finally caught up with myself on the tenuous fishing photos – ok that was a bit of a mid way blip however I shall endeavour to keep a single weekly picture going – I put it down to the increase of fishing #grin#


I found the above rather nice gesture […]

Ran out of nymphs…

So I received a phone call from a pal – he was heading out to my “Shit Pipe” river – meanwhile I am having a night at home as my better half is on night shift – there was a time that having a wife that worked shifts was great – now with a child […]

Busy, busy and more busy..

Busy is an understatement – with both family life and fishing.

I have been enjoying looking with wonder at the small things in nature through my sons eyes – we have spotted lots of young frogs over the last week and we always stop to examine them before carefully sending them on their way..

On the kelvin …

On the kelvin just now .. it is a lovely height but is a little brown .. anyone joining me?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

Hunting invasive plants on the kelvin today … we have maps! # Groups walked the length of the kelvin system identifying invasive species # It would have been easier marking where we found none! # Having a picnic at loch Lomond! # We have a huge flying ant hatch ! They are […]

Having a picnic at loch Lomond!

Family time by the Loch – strictly no fishing!