BBC NEWS Scotland Bird flu confirmed in dead swan

BBC- Bird Flu in Scotland

I am ok…last time I looked I aint a swan !

First outing- blanked (froze rocks off)

Alas, it did not go according to plan. After work another regular Kelvin fisher and I hit a tributary for some small stream action seeing as how the main river was out of action because of the rain. In the end we caught no fish and got cold into the bargain- which seems to be […]

Anything For Fishing Video on Metacafe

Anything For Fishing Video on Metacafe

Class, sheer class

Not bad at all looking!

So I am ill. If I was not ill I would be trying to catch a trout on the Kelvin. Instead I got Claire to drive me to a spot and have a look at it. It actually looks ok considering it has been raining the last week. It is at a lovely height, wee […]

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