10000 unique visitors

On a similar theme to the last post I see I have just sped past the 10000 visitor mark. That is 10000 unique visitors, not to be confused with “hits” which can essentially be just a bot bumping into your site 🙂

Thats against ::Total Page Hits: 28948 in the last couple of months!

Seeing as how I have just discovered I am dyslexic its a wonder that any of you actually understand anything that I write !


  1. Wow. Congratulations.
    That is a lot of visitors.
    If I can get 1 tenth of what you achieved,
    I’ll be the happiest man in the world.



  2. Just came across your blog – through the top hundres listings. for some reason, the new blogpatrol deleted all my stats. Nice to see there are some other bloggers in the uk. is there anywhere I can find listings?

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